Five Questions to Ask Your Florist

When meeting with a wedding florist, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure your floral arrangements align with your vision, budget, and venue. Here are five key questions to ask:

1. Which flowers will be in season at the time of our wedding?

Understanding which flowers will be in season can help you plan arrangements that are both fresh and cost-effective. It can also help you with decisions on potential colour themes for your big day.

2. Can you provide examples of weddings you have done in a similar style or theme?

This will give you an idea of the florist’s experience and capability to execute your desired look. Hopefully, they’ll have an online gallery or some social media content that they can share with you.

3. What is your process for designing the floral arrangements, and how do you incorporate the couple’s vision?

Knowing their process can ensure they’ll consider your preferences and work collaboratively with you. Remember to mention all the little things that are important to you, so that they can ensure your personalities and ideas are included in their creations.

4. How do you handle setup and delivery on the wedding day?

Clarify logistics, such as delivery times, setup, and any additional fees, to ensure everything runs smoothly. Your florist may need to return to the venue later in the day if you need any larger arrangements moved, e.g. from The Steading into The Marquee. If you envision a larger setup, it may be beneficial to you to hire the venue for an additional day before your wedding.

5. Can you work within my budget, and what suggestions do you have for maximising it?

Discuss your budget upfront and ask for tips on how to get the most value – whether through flower choices, arrangement sizes, or reusing florals from the ceremony at the reception.

These questions will help you gauge the florist’s suitability for your wedding and ensure all details are clearly understood and agreed upon. 

Who Do We Recommend?

We are lucky to have many excellent florists in the Scottish Highlands, the following have all supplied gorgeous floral arrangements to weddings at Clava Mains.

Bothy Blooms

Founded in 2016 by Elizabeth, Bothy Blooms is an award-winning wedding florist based in Inverness, who cover the Highlands. They craft elegant, garden-inspired arrangements using the finest locally grown and imported flowers. Renowned for their collaborative approach, Bothy Blooms creates bespoke designs from bridal flowers to statement arches, adding timeless sophistication your wedding day.

Amanda Call Wedding Flowers

Amanda Call Wedding Flowers offers a friendly, personal service for weddings of all sizes in Inverness and the Highlands. Established in 2003 after over 20 years of experience, Amanda provides unique, high-quality floral arrangements for the bridal party, ceremony, reception, and more. Every detail is personally overseen to ensure your flowers exceed expectations.

Fiona's Flower Studio

A family-run business with over 30 years of experience, Fiona’s Flowers Studio specialises in wedding flowers. As a local, independent florist, they offer bespoke arrangements for bridal parties, ceremonies, and receptions, catering to all sizes and budgets. Their creative, friendly, and personal service ensures each couple receives beautiful designs tailored to their vision, making every wedding day special with stunning floral displays.

Rachel's Country Flowers

Rachel offers a professional and bespoke wedding service, ensuring that each wedding is unique and special to the couple. Working closely with clients every step of the way, she ensures that the flowers exceed their expectations and bring their dreams to life.

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